A wise start… hills, mud and owls!


Last night, I dragged my sorry behind out for a spot of nocturnal, off road hill reps.  My body didn’t want to go!  Headtorch on and Garmin clicked; down into the Fulneck valley I went.  The rep comprised the short but muddy rise up to just shy of Scholebrook Farm then reverse back up the lane, past the Bankhouse pub and up to where the road levels.  Bugger me, I was puffed after just one effort!  Still, the second was easier and during the third I saw other runners near the pub – so couldn’t stop there – and the fourth wasn’t too uncomfortable.  I even managed to run off the top of the last climb. 

Short of 5 miles/ nearly 900ft ascent

Starry night, muddy legs and the call of an owl – great for the soul!



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