Fairfield: A Lakeland Adventure…


  1. Despite the generous 12.00 race start, best not to travel through Saltaire from Leeds on a Saturday morning
  2. After fully hydrating on the 2hour car journey, be aware that registration (and toilets) is a brisk 15 minute walk from the Pete Bland stall and car parking
  3. Registration requires a full kit check – you may be invited to return to aforementioned Pete Bland stall to purchase any omitted kit
  4. Listen carefully to any pre-race advice from ectomorphs that mentions ‘best route off’, ‘keep left here’ or ‘to avoid the bad step…’
  5. The start emerges from a large group huddle on grass to a sudden charge towards Rydal Hall, possibly resembling a herd of wild bison – see link below
  6. The first 2 miles, like most other hill races, are horrific
  7. A little knoll between Nab Scar and Great Rigg provides possibly the best pee-stop anywhere on the Rydal range with stunning views south over Lake Windermere
  8. I regret forgetting to pack my camera
  9. There is plenty of rock, particularly those dinner plate size, vertical slabs that catch the occasional foot lift and send runners stumbling forth like a drunken buffoon at closing time
  10. Despite the very best of intentions – following a Lakeland club vest – I still navigated to the top of and then scrambled (fell) down the ‘bad step’
  11. The final half mile along a limestone cobble track was at best unpleasant and worst bloody nauseating
  12. Gutted to learn on the drive home that at the finish I’d missed the complimentary tea and flapjack
  13. Avoid Saltaire when returning to Leeds on a Saturday evening

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