Bite Size Kit

Stuff I wear,
have been gifted
or discovered in my secret wardrobe…


Inov8 Mudclaws (Standard Fit)

  1. Purchased November 2018 in black and neon green from Sportsshoes – very quick, but wrong shoe size compared to box.
  2. RRP £69.99 minus discount.
  3. Fit of (wrong) shoe size was close but still sent back as half size too big
  4. Replaced pair too narrow, argh!
  5. Returned to (wrong) size pair and with more comprehensive lace adjustment the fit was marginally acceptable
  6. Worn for Tour of Pendle 2018 – comfortable
  7. Winter training and racing have all been great with no discomfort
  8. Only negative is laces still poor – too thin and still untie even with double-knot
  9. March 2018 – signs of wear on toe box protector after Lakeland 12-miles


Inov8 Stormshell waterproof jacket

  1. Purchased in red from Pete Bland Sports – very quick/ excellent service. RRP £150, Sale price £75
  2. Overview – positive reviews compliment it’s performance in the worst of UK weather
  3. Size – I was troubled by the usual conundrum between sizes as sometimes the fit can be snug for a fatlad.  The medium is spot on for size 40 mens
  4. Smock style a tad awkward to slip on and could be reet challenge in foul weather
  5. Hood – excellent shaping with inserted wire rim and elastic fasten
  6. Cuffs – supplemented with thumb holes for added hand protection
  7. Pocket – 1x small breast pocket (left) that does not accommodate a large map
  8. Overall, the jacket seems to be the puppy’s privates although will need to fully test for a comprehensive review.

Brooks Caldera

  1. Gifted to me by Steve@Tech Brooks UK (RRP unknown, likely gazillions)
  2. Overview – geared for the ultra runner, particularly over compact tracks and trails
  3. Instantly comfortable with a definite spring in the sole
  4. Very breathable upper and weight of shoe extremely light
  5. Not ideal for sustained use on descent of wet grass or mud
  6. Shoe size is very spacious (especially at toe box) which causes some concern when cornering on adverse cambers or uneven ground
  7. Overall, these are excellent and ideal footwear for runners upping the miles for a half marathon trail or even a longer (summer) hill race.

LED Lenser H7R.2 – Headtorch
1. Gifted to me at Christmas 2017 by FRG (RRP unknown)
2. Overview – German engineering with ergonomic fit, functional battery indicator & broad range of lighting options.
3. External battery pack located to head rear
4. Replaces overused and fading Silva Trail (external battery pack to waist)
5. First use on Post Hill, Pudsey – clear, crisp night with sparkling crystal carpet
6. Torch excellent lumens – principally used low and high light functions
7. High setting is extremely powerful and more than enough for a trail runner or while burying disliked rivals in remote woodland
8. Strap fitting requires a bit of adjustment as kept slipping, rubbing ears
9. Front padding very moist after 60mins – will try again with buff underlay
10.Initial review is amazing bit of kit and battery pack no problem on head

Inov8 Mudclaw 300 (Precision Fit)
aka Magic Shoes
1. Miraculously discovered in cupboard approx 18 months after purchase
2. Bought for £49.99 (minus club discount) from Sportsshoes
3. Very light to hold
4. First tested with caution due to fit
5. Brilliant feel and once soaked no concerns with friction
6. Laces longer than previous models
7. Initial appraisal suggets upper won’t last as long as MC300 yellows

Montane Primus Mittens
1. Gifted to me by Mama W (RRP unknown)
2. Pack very small into stuff sack
3. Similar to carrying fresh air – VERY light
4. Comfortable and warmth gained very quickly
5. Untried in wet weather, but reviews confirm function well even when damp
6. Silicon pad on thumb not effective for using mobile/ electronic devices

Brooks PureGrit 4

(aka by me as TrueGrits)
1. Gifted to me by Steve@Tech Brooks UK
2. Instantly comfortable and no need to break in
3. Uppers only suitable for light trail as little protection against rock
4. Sole excellent on cinder, gravel and compact dirt trails/ footpaths
5. Not suitable for sustained use on wet grass or mud
6. I opted for usual 1x size increase
7. Ideal as footwear on terrain that transfers from tarmac to trail

Inov8 Roclite 295
1. Purchased from Sportsshoes (with 10% discount/ free P&P) £49.99
2. Appear bulky but when hand held they seem true to weight
3. Used for short training run and no rubbing or comfort issues
4. Increased use and mileage in prepartion for AL fell races
5. Ideal for broad range of terrains and conditions: grip can sustain short exposure to extensive bog or mud, and excellent on wet rock, while uppers drains effectively
6. Model even provides good platform for occasional use over tarmac – unsure how quickly moderate lugs will wear down
7. I opted for usual 1x whole size increase
8. Ideal footwear for first time fell runner, although probably not best for full winter running through bog and snow.